Sportium Step up your game

Get ready to step up your game with our latest campaign for the launching of the Sportium banner.

Client : Sportium

Brand : n/A

To help generate buzz, we designed many executions for the pre-launch period. In each execution, the spirit of the brand is present, from the recruitment of new employees to the development of digital platforms, social media and new trucks.


The campaign tookoff with a TV ad that was broadcasted before the grand opening. Carey Price becomes the banner’s ambassador and will embody its core message perfectly well: strive to do better and go one step ahead with Sportium. Each athlete pushes his own limits and we wanted to emphasize the strength it takes to go the extra mile; we wanted to highlight the performance, the achievements and the pride derived from those efforts made not only by professionals, but also by people who simply love doing sports and working out.

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